The Birth of

"The Official Flag of American Christmas"

The American Christmas Flag

The Plot

Stu DeHart and Jack Brangan Woodbury Daily Times - Christmas, 1980:

Always thinking of ways to make money, we felt that combining Christmas with America might be a winning combination.  Let's face it.  Who doesn't like Christmas and who doesn't like America?

 So, the plotting began.

​We talked about its design, the number of stripes, the number of stars and of course, the Christmas tree and the gold star. It seemed like a pretty good idea. But frankly, it was the best we had at the moment. And maybe, just maybe, we could sell this thing!  

The Design

In the end, this was the result of our plotting and planning:

The design of the flag has the traditional Christmas tree in the center on a field of white. ​Surrounding the tree are 13 blue stars in a semi-circle symbolizing our 13 original colonies.

​The flag's border has 50 red and white bars, one for each state of the Union.

​In each corner is a white star representing the ​four sections of our great country...the North, South, East, and West.

We found a flag company in Collegeville, Pa. (the Collegeville Flag Company, of course), and had 20-30 flags made. We had a friend who was a pretty good photographer, and he agreed to take some shots. We had a friend's girlfriend pose in front of the flag.  

We put a sheet as a background …

… and started taking pictures.

The Revival